[YEAR END SALES] 1 Pack 90g Old Henry Tartary Buckwheats Noodle 1 包 苦荞面 90克

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Are you a diabetic looking for a good source of carbohydrates that can give you the satisfaction without elevating your blood glucose levels?
👉Are you always feeling frustrated with the constant routine of taking your medication and its side effects to your overall health?
🌱 Old Henry's high quality tartary buckwheat and highland barley noodles is an excellent choice for you !
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Why is this the best option for diabetics? It can:
✅ stabilise your blood sugar naturally (stop the energy highs and lows).
✅ give your body the energy it needs for the day without triggering hyperglycaemia.
✅ help you keep in shape (by keeping you fuller, for longer). It contains premium ingredients as well as essential macro & micronutrients.
✅ be super easy to cook, serve and share.
The best part? Old Henry's noodle consumers report the ability to stop their diabetic medication in as little as three months after consuming a healthy combination of Old Henry noodles, regular exercise & an overall healthy diet!
Want the specifics?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Old Henry’s contains:
✅ High quality, nutrient-dense Tartary buckwheat that helps control blood sugar naturally and effectively.
✅ Flavonoids that control blood sugar, lower blood lipids, inhibit platelet aggregation, clear free radicals and boost your immunity.
✅ Fagopyritol and D-chiro-inositol, which can increase the sensitivity of cells along with insulin, while eliminating insulin resistance, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes.
✅ β-glucan to lower cholesterol and blood sugar after eating.
Old Henry’s noodle is clinically tested and has been proven to contain no medical substances.
Old Henry noodles - healthy and effective.
Old Henry - 苦荞青稞面

=> 食用安全和有效地穩定血糖。
=> 適合高血糖人群食用的抗性澱粉食物,增加飽肚感,食用後不致使血糖升高。
=> 有助血糖穩定
=> 面条中提供良好的营养和蛋白质。
=> 含高膳食纖維,能有效控制体重,达到降血脂效果。
=> 快捷方便,轻松加工成美味的食品,吃得更好-更健康!
Old Henry - 苦荞青稞面
Tel: 012-6452899
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