5-Pack [BUY 2 FREE 1] Old Henry Tartary Buckwheat and Barley noodles 买二送一苦蕎青稞麵_5包装

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请打进3 套, 然后在Check out 时, 打进 Discount Code 

"Buy2 Free 1" BUY 2 FREE 1 买二送一
 新年最好的送礼, 不要再送零食,汽水,饼干,鸡精, 太普遍了。Best as the Christmas Gift and CNY Hamper. Better Gifts than any sweet and soda drinks or can food or junk food..
一人只限 5 套
Limit to 5 set per person Old Henry Tartary Buckwheat and Barley noodles。 IF MORE THAN 5 SETS, CONTACT US!

一包90克, 一包一个人一餐
买2套5包,送1套5包, 一共有15 包。
1 pack 90g, 1 pack cater for 1 meal per person. 
Buy 5 packs , 2 sets Free 1 set, total you will get only 15 packs!

Resistant starch is starch that is not easily broken down by the body's digestive enzymes, and will stay in the stomach for a longer time, increasing the feeling of satiety. Due to the slow digestion and absorption of resistant starch, it does not cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly after consumption, which is an excellent option for diabetics.
Net Weight 1 盒 淨 重量 (1 盒)
2.7 Kg (30 包 x90g)
1 box 2.7kg (30 x 90g) 

How to eat to reduce and maintain Diabetics reading?

Buckwheat is nutritionally dense in vitamins and minerals—much more so than traditional grains such as
rice and wheat. D-chiral inositol in buckwheat can make cells more sensitive to insulin (hormones that make cells absorb sugar in the blood) and help lower blood sugar by 12% -19%. Unlike other starchy staples, like potatoes or rice, buckwheat possesses a low glycemic index, meaning it will not spike blood sugar.

Replace OH Noodle with your main course such as RICE, NOODLES, BREAD. In fact replace all of your carbohydrates  in take. Try this out for 1 to 2 months. You will definitely see the results of reducing your blood sugars count. 

Our Buckwheats and Barleys are from highland, Rich in wholesome flavor, our ingredients are carefully selected at harvest by our expert farmers. They’re also a natural superfood – packed full of nutrients to give you the energy to your day. Our key ingredients, tartary buckwheat and barley contain plenty of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as beta-gluten to help stabilize your blood sugar levels. With so many delicious recipes, it’s easy to enjoy the natural goodness of Old Henry every day.

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