Buy 20 Packs Free 1_Old Henry Tartary Buckwheat and Barley Noodles 苦蕎青稞麵 买二十包送 一

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特惠 VALUE BUY Old Henry Tartary Buckwheat and Barley noodles 20 packs FREE 1 苦蕎青稞麵 二十包 送 一

买第一套     (20包)送 1 包 
BUY 1 set 20 packs FREE 1 Packs
One (1) person, we limit to One time purchase at a time.
Very limited stocks, whilst stocks last, 100 Boxes only.
it's good to be a trial Pack for many Diabetes patients to try out.  You need to consume at least 20 days to be able to stabilize you sugar level and able to reduce the insulin reading. 
Tartary Buckwheat contains flavonoids. Its main function is to strengthen the peripheral effect of insulin, protect pancreatic tissue, repair damaged B cells of the pancreas, promote smooth secretion of insulin and soften blood vessels, improve microcirculation, and prevent multiple complications of diabetes.




【Ingredients】wheat flour, buckwheat flour, barley flour, wheat germ powder, konjac flour, edible salt, sodium carbonate
【Allergy information】Contains wheat, rye and flour (cereals containing gluten)
【Storage method】 Please store in a cool, dry place.
【Net weight】 (20 Pack x 90g = 1.8kg) 

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